Critical-GPS workshop invited to explore the latent potential of public interventions in virtual 'space'. This 4-day workshop took place at the White City campus of the Royal College of Art in November 2018 (29.10 — 1.11). 

︎︎︎ Funded by ACROSSRCA.
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Calling upon the heritage of 60s site-specific art and analyses of so-called virtual ‘spaces’ and their already established networks present on the internet participants attempted to address the mixed-reality resulting from the overlay of digital dimensions upon the world, challenging the convergence of digital experiences of a space and its physical location.
What does it mean when something which is more commonly regarded in abstract, ethereal terms becomes intrinsically linked to a specific physical space?

Workshop leaders: Christina Worner, Joana Pestana & Max Ryan.

Participants: Ben Mehigan, Amy Frampton, Carolin Schnurrer, Jordan Edge, Dimitra-Elli Antoniou, Lovino Wang, Laura Bivolaru, Max Kohler, Sam Chester, Ewa Ciolek Poniatowska, Paola Estrella Contreras, Maria Cynkier, Laura Bivolaru

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