Eady Forum was a student-led platform for the discussion of graphic design in the contemporary realm led by Joana Pestana, Vilja Achte, Max Ryan, James Sanderson and Lorenzo Pradelli, from the Royal College of Art and supervised by senior tutor Adrian Shaughnessy.

Through a series of lectures and events under the title 'Why so? What if?' the 2016's forum intended to discuss an inquisitive mode of working (why so) but also a nonconformist and speculative mode of projecting in design (what if).
In addition, several posters were designed to promote Eady Forum’s events.

Post-Eady is a collective formed after graduating from the Royal College as a follow up to the graphic design forum named ‘Eady Forum’. It is intended as a space for workshop creation and critical discussion around graphic design. 

The current and founding members are Joana Pestana, Max Ryan and Vilja Achté. http://posteadymanifesto.tumblr.com

Two of the posters I designed were
selected for:
International Poster Exhibition — Graphic Design Festival Scotland, National Centre for Design and Architecture, The Lighthouse, Glasgow, 2016 and Graphics RCA: Fifty Years and Beyond. Dubai Design District, Dubai. (13.11.2017—18.11.2017).

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