In the midst of a global pandemic crisis, interconnected, we observe the formation of a wave of mistrust and uncertainty when facing the future. In parallel, big tech companies are turning to the stars to promise orientation for navigating the present. In the face of the rising number of mobile apps offering cartomancy, astrology, or quiromancy services, Scrolling the Arcane brought together designers, artists, and researchers to reflect and question this context. Why are digital entrepreneurs interested in astrology? What models and predictive technologies coexist in these services’ configurations? What markets feed from the global crisis and anxiety?

Opening and public presentation took place at the Porto Planetarium Dome on the 2 October 2020.

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Curated and Produced by Joana Pestana
Webdesign and code by Max Ryan
Funded by Criatório 2019
Supported by Porto Planetarium

Projects and essays by: Alice Bucknell*, Christina Worner*, Daniel Martins*, David Benqué, Diogo Tudela*, Eva Papamargariti*, Ken Hollings, Nestor Pestana*, Raquel Peixoto e Tiago Patatas*
* Commissioned projects

Photography: Alexandre Delmar & Maria João Ruivo

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