System Identity for X IS NOT A SMALL COUNTRY: Unravelling the Post-Global Era, MAAT, Lisbon, March—September 2021.

The exhibition, curated by Aric Chen with Martina Muzi, featured work by Bard Studio, Bricklab, Ibiye Camp, Revital Cohen + Tuur Van Balen, Jing He, Paulo Moreira, Rael San Fratello, Wolfgang Tillmans and Liam Young.  

Interview about the identity here

The graphic identity of the exhibition attempts to articulate the complexities of the changing global order through the proxy of data. Drawn from the year prior to the exhibition’s opening, a selection of fluctuating datasets – ranging from the market value of Lufthansa (LTH) and of palladium (PALL) to the number of active World of Warcraft (WOW) players – was coordinated with the movement of satellites orbiting the earth.

The resulting system combines variable geometric components with aerial imagery to embrace the unpredictability and seeming randomness of colliding systems on a planetary scale.

Project developed together with Max Ryan.
Print and digital assets were produced
for this project, including an identity system.

We worked closely with the exhibition design developed by BUREAU (Daniel Zamarbide, Galliane Zamarbide and Carine Pimenta).

Photography by Francisco Nogueira and Lisa Moura.

Max and I wrote a small essay on the research behind this identity at MAAT extended

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